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Emergency Locksmith Services

The following are common problems Randburg Locksmith can help you with:


Lost keys a locksmith can replace

Note: If you have lost car keys you will need to contact Randburg Locksmiths Immediately

Can a locksmith make a key without the original?

If it's a lost key a locksmith can make you a key without the original, as locksmiths can make keys to lock by hand. By using a blank and a file and the skills, they've developed over the years a locksmith can create a key from scratch without the need for an original key.

Should I change locks after losing house keys?

We will recommend you change your door locks if you lose your keys as a security prevention. Changing your locks after losing your keys will stop anyone from accessing your home who does not have permission to.

If you are having your locks changed then you may want to consider:

The price will depend on:

1. Your location
2. The time of day
3. Type of key you have lost – i.e mortice key, small Yale type key, security key etc..

For security reasons we will usually change the locks if you lost your keys.

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