Key Cutting

All Keys Cut

Do you need a spare set of keys cutting for your home? or you might require a replacement set of keys cut as you have lost your keys, broken your keys or just need a spare key copying.

How long does it take to get a key cut?

Time taken depends on – if the key is being duplicated & copied which is a quick job or cutting to code which can take longer.

Key Cutting Prices

For an estimated cost of a replacement key please Contact Us to enquire how much it costs to cut all types of keys from a house key to patio door and window keys.

Types Of Keys That Can Be Cut & Copied

Randburg Locksmmiths are able to duplicate any set of keys and also cut keys to fit any type of lock you wish.

Replacement Keys Cut

Replacement keys could range from front & back door keys for the house, car key cutting to copying keys for security safes, windows keys, garage door keys to old vintage keys.

Security Key Cutting

A security key is a specialist type of key that you usually require proof of ownership, you may have to supply your ID ( drivers license, passport, credit card ) and proof of address.

About Security Keys

Safe Key Replacement

If you need a replacement safe key a expert in key cutting can cut and copy a new key. Due to the nature of safe keys they need to be cut by a professional locksmith.

Some types of safe keys can take up to 1 hour to cut and copy.

Vehicle Keys

For spare car keys, you will require the specialist services of Randburg Locksmiths who can programme and provide replacement car keys for you.

They will be able to replace your car keys if you've lost car keys or are locked out of the vehicle.

Randburg Locksmiths can help with:

In a emergency? We provide a mobile emergency service so can visit your home or business and cut a spare key on site.

Key broken or stuck in lock? your key may just be broken and stuck in the door, again Randburg Locksmiths will be able to provide you with a copy of your keys.

For More Information Give Us A Call At Randburg Locksmiths Today!